Who we are

We are a fabless semiconductor company that redefines low power for microelectronics, enabling large-scale and environmentally sustainable deployment of IoT devices and networks

We have developed and proven the performance of a unique subthreshold IC that offers a unique low-power performance to any battery-powered system.

We are a Norwegian company with operations and offices in Kristiansand, Norway, and Porto, Portugal

Wireless chip manufacturers have successfully focused on power consumption while transmitting and receiving, achieving impressive results. At the same time, wireless chips are suboptimal for activities not involving wireless communication. Most applications involve considerable time in inactive modes, either monitoring sensors or awaiting the next period of activity. Periods where energy is wasted and batteries depleted. Nanopower addresses this and brings the power consumption down to a fraction of other solutions for the periods when wireless capabilities are not required.

We call the technology nP-Zero and it has performance and capabilities we have yet to see replicated by other solutions. Power saving is up to 99% in different operating modes while ensuring that a system’s functionality is maintained or improved. We believe in flexibility, and nP-Zero can be combined with any wireless and sensor technology.

Too good to be true? We are confident our achieved performance figures speak for themselves. We only show performance numbers that we have achieved repetitively and with high-precision instruments.

We named the company Nanopower AS because we operate in the nanoampere-range. Nanopower was founded based on the invention of the low-power solution in 2017. In 2019 we started the development of a dedicated IC to create a scalable solution that would have a real impact. Our first prototype and system were taped out in 2020 and 2021, proving both functionality and low power capabilities. A commercial product will be launched 2023.

Nanopower AS is a limited liability company incorporated in Norway with operations in Norway and Portugal. We have since day-one had the technical development in Porto, while commercial functions have been in Norway.

We are owned by a combination of founders, employees, and a group of experienced early-phase tech investors.

Key personell

Tore Irgens Kuhnle
+47 905 84 322

André Grytbakk
+47 401 20 800

Jan Frode Bergsø
Business Development Manager
+47 928 29 300

William Xavier

Américo Dias
Head of IC Design

Henrique Cavadas
Analog IC designer

Pedro Coke
Analog IC designer

Claudiu Nechifor
Analog IC designer

Daniel Oliveira
Analog IC designer

Bruno Prada
Hardware and embedded systems


Odd Harald Hauge

Jan Johannessen

João Neto

Finn Haadem

Thomas Berntsen