Close-to-zero power solutions for a large range of applications

78 million batteries will be replaced every day by 2025 from IoT devices alone.

At the same time, the Internet of Things is increasingly used for mission-critical applications. Our IC redefines low power in microelectronics devices to overcome the battery bottleneck. We enable reliable, large-scale, and environmentally sustainable deployment of IoT devices and networks

Sustainable operations while saving time and money:

Cold chain monitoring
Wireless sensors for continuous monitoring of temperature-sensitive goods during transport and storage. Providing companies with real­-time information for action, quality assurance, and documentation.

Predictive maintenance
Distributed sensors to increase understanding of equipment condition and timing of maintenance, thereby increasing availability and revenue while reducing the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Smart power grids
With the combination of vast size, criticality for the society, and new requirements from increasing renewable energy production, sensors help utilities reduce costs, increase grid uptime, and focus on hotspots in large power grids.

Smart cities
A wide range of sensor technology for municipalities to improve the quality of life for its residents and manage resources more efficiently. Smart systems can improve water and power supply, urban mobility, waste management, etc.

Smart agriculture
Advanced sensor technology for tracking, monitoring, automating and analyzing operations and crop yields. Allowing farmers to maximize yields using minimum resources such as water, fertilizers, seeds, etc.

Health monitoring
Monitoring solutions for vital and health status are driven by the digitalization of healthcare and the ongoing pandemic. Enabling healthcare workers to seamlessly monitor the status of patients. Providing added patient security while reducing healthcare costs

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