The nP-Zero technology offers up to 99% reduction in power consumption

Nanopower addresses power consumption in periods of wireless inactivity with our patent-pending nP-Zero technology. nP-Zero functions as an advanced power management hub for any system’s wireless chip, processor, sensors, and other peripherals.

nP-Zero dramatically increases the battery life of your devices while keeping monitoring functions intact:

The ability to configure and check sensors at extremely low power and wake up a device on events, extending low power modes while staying responsive. 

Deep sleep and the ability to wake up a device based on a schedule or at a specific time.

Advanced power management including fast and flexible power cycling, reducing power consumption in active modes.

Proven performance and continuous development

nP-Zero performance has been extensively tested through development to ensure consistent and leading performance. Nanopower continues to expand its capabilities and operating modes in order to be able to provide products covering a wide array of applications.

Compatible with any wireless technology, and both digital and analog sensors

nP-Zero is technology agnostic and can function as a power management hub for any host and a wide range of peripherals through an extremely flexible structure. All functions of the host and peripherals are kept intact while adding low power capabilities. The system is also open for integration with any back-end provider.

Enables harvesting more energy than you ever thought possible, never running out of power

Completely new opportunities arise with a power consumption low enough to enable net positive contribution from energy harvesting. 

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