Towards environmentally sustainable IoT solutions

The large growth in lithium-ion battery usage is an increasing global environmental problem both due to resource use and waste generation

Minerals need to be extracted which is energy-intensive, creates its own waste, leads to scars in nature, and uses other resources like water. When batteries are depleted, they end up as waste, sometimes together with the rest of the wireless device.

Large scale IoT applications will further increase this problem but Nanopower offers a way out. Nanopower directly addresses these challenges through smaller and fewer batteries and less waste from increased longevity.

The Nanopower nP-Zero technology is designed specifically to address challenges of and realize the value in IoT projects.

Environmentally sustainable by consuming less of our limited resources through smaller and fewer batteries

Reducing electronic and battery waste through increased longevity

Operationally viable by avoiding prohibitively high battery replacement cost